Phoenix Dental Providers

General dentists will follow the fee schedule as described in the benefits section.  This list of providers includes only those dental offices that are currently accepting NEW patients. Many offices have multiple dentists and, therefore, if you are looking for a specific dentist, contact ADP customer service or the dental office directly. (Should a dental office become unable to accept new patients, they will be placed on HOLD status and their name removed from this listing.)

Should you need the services of a Specialist, click on this link ( Specialist's list ) for Participating Specialist Dentists.  It is not necessary for you to obtain a referral from a General dentist in order to see a Specialist. 

Specialty dentists offer a 20% discount off their usual fees.

This network is created and maintained locally by American Dental Plan.

Each office is independently owned and operated.

We reserve the right to assign another dental office.

Looking for a Specific Dentist?

We list the name of the dental office, (not each individual dentist within each office).  And, we only list those offices listed that are currently accepting NEW patients.
  (There are other participating offices that are only accepting EXISTING patients, but are not listed on this site.)

To see if your dentist participates, ask your dentist or :

Call the American Dental Plan administrative office (602) 265-6677. 

To join our network as a participating dentist, just call for a provider packet!  You can start receiving cash paying patients today!

*(SP) Se Habla Espaņol.